For your needs today, and tomorrow.

COHNNABIS is a dedicated division of COHN, drawing from 18 years of creativity and strategic results proven across a variety of industries—from retail and real estate to consumer packaged goods to B2B and professional services. We leverage lessons we’ve learned outside of cannabis to help you break through and succeed in this evolving industry.

You’re not a flash in the pan, and neither are we. Our partners come to us with a vision of sustained, long-term success. In fact, the power of brand-driven marketing strengthens over time.

It begins by establishing a foundation that sets you apart, and it evolves and matures through strategic marketing tactics that bolster and enhance your brand over time. This isn’t a contract — it’s a relationship. We collaborate with you to build and grow your cannabis brand as a long-term partner. Because when you’re thinking big, the small steps matter.

Together, we’ll chart your path from big ideas to big success.