Client Quoted in MJBiz Daily

Canna Advisors Quoted in MJBiz Daily

November 6th proved a sweeping victory for cannabis at the polls, but many are wondering what real results to expect from this year’s ballot. With Michigan, Missouri, and Utah entering the market, there are major financial gains being forecasted.

One in particular projects up to $275 million in annual sales within several years of Missouri’s first dispensary opening.

To get a better scope of Amendment 2, Marijuana Business Daily reached out to Diane Czarkowski for her take. Diane is the co-founder of Canna Advisors, the nation’s leading cannabis consultancy and one of our many clients.

Despite being approved for medical marijuana sales, Diane sees Amendment 2 as most favorable for businesses. She notes that it “really holds the state to issuing the applications within a certain amount of time- the very latest for licensing would be December of next year.”

It’s always great to see our client Canna Advisors get the national coverage it deserves- especially as a vital source in the wake of elections and regulations.

Read more from Diane’s feature and learn about other big ballot approvals at Marijuana Business Daily.

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