[Infographic]: Colorado’s strict recreational advertising regulations.

It all began here in Colorado, and as you would expect, the state’s recreational cannabis advertising regulations are fairly rigid.

As these cannabis advertising regulations evolve and expand over time, Colorado cannabis marketers should be keenly aware of what they can and can’t do with the advertising budget.

For example:

  • Do you know how to follow the 30% rule?
  • Can cannabis businesses advertise on mobile apps?
  • Is the word “safe” unsafe to use in my cannabis marketing copy?
  • Can I sponsor a public event if I work in—but don’t specifically sell—cannabis?

These are questions we get every day at COHNNABIS, and the truth is the rules are clear, yet also complex in certain areas. (Don’t believe us? Go ahead and read through the law on colorado.gov. It’s a riveting read.)

Fear not, ambitious cannabis marketers of the Centennial State; your premier cannabis marketing agency has combed through the state’s legalese and simplified the language so anyone can understand. COHNNABIS to the rescue.

Of course, we’re clearly paraphrasing the law in this handy infographic, so if you are planning any advertising for recreational cannabis or marijuana businesses in Colorado, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

cannabis law infographic

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