Taylor West Featured in Surface Magazine

COHNNABIS Senior Communications Director interviewed by Surface Magazine

Can smart branding really take cannabis from underground to empire? That’s the answer Surface Magazine sought to answer when investigating the impact of design and marketing on the industry.

In a time when marijuana is still a considered a Schedule 1 narcotic by the federal government, policymakers have shaped the industry by imposing greater controls on cannabis advertising. This anti-pot agenda forced branding agencies to shift their focus to the lifestyle messaging available in cannabis.

Needless to say, what started as greater restrictions gave way to its trendy rebirth right into the mainstream. But one major hurdle remains: digital advertising.

For a deeper dive on the resurgence and resilience of cannabis marketing, Surface Magazine interviewed Taylor West, COHNNABIS Senior Communications Director. Taylor argues that the greatest challenge is transparency in the rules for cannabis advertising, specifically with the big tech duopoly.

“There’s been very little willingness on the part of Facebook and Google to actually set down in black-and-white where the guardrails are,” West says. “That is incredibly frustrating, because this industry is unbelievably willing to play by rules—if you will just tell them what the rules are.”

If you are interested in how to grow your cannabis brand beyond these guardrails check out Taylor’s entire feature in Surface Magazine.

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