VP Amy Larson shares crisis expertise in MJBiz Mag

Our VP of Marketing Amy Larson featured in MJBiz Magazine

Are you prepared for a crisis? That is the question MJBiz Magazine sought to answer from communication experts, including COHNNABIS VP of Marketing Amy Larson.

From crafting effective responses, assembling a response team, and identifying potential vulnerabilities- there is a wide net of consideration when formulating a crisis communications plan. One standout resource mentioned by MJBiz Magazine is the Crisis Communications Manual by The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA).

Amy, a member of the marketing and advertising committee for the NCIA, recommends the incident-report template provided in the manual. She explains, “At least taking the step to think through possible scenarios, ask the difficult questions and formulate answers as part of their crisis preparation can help to better manage and maintain their messaging and reputation during a stressful situation.”

It’s great to see members of our COHNNABIS team resourced for their insight and expertise on these important issues. For more about crisis communications planning and to read more from visit MJBiz Magazine’s feature.

Code Red: Are You Prepared For A Crisis? 

By Joey Peña

Marijuana Business Magazine 

September 2018

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