Taylor West featured on “Marijuana Today” podcast at MJBizCon 2018

Taylor West featured on “Marijuana Today” podcast at MJBizCon 2018

Anyone interested in learning about the grassroots movement that led to adult-use legalization of cannabis from state to state should treat themselves to most recent “Marijuana Today” podcast.

It’s a fascinating listen about how cannabis penetrated the mainstream and where the industry will go in the coming years.

Our own Taylor West, Senior Communications Director of COHNNABIS and Marijuana Today regular, was in-studio with other industry leaders from around the country, dropping knowledge (and sound bites) on listeners.

“We are starting to see some real ‘Team Cannabis’ people take over at governor’s mansions—and it’s not a coincidence,” Taylor said on this week’s episode. “These folks are in states where the industry has become a very real player on the political scene, as well as a fundamental part of the economy. Several years ago, someone like (Colorado Governor-elect) Jared Polis may have seen support for cannabis as dangerous that he would have to tiptoe around, but that certainly was not the case in this campaign.”

It’s a fantastic episode that spans the history of the cannabis reform movement, analysis of current marijuana politics (including the recently concluded election), and good discussion about what responsibility cannabis businesses have toward social justice goals around drug policy.

We encourage you all to listen! Have a safe and satiating Thanksgiving week!

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