What to expect from COHNNABIS in 2019

Our Cannabis Marketing Experts Weigh in on 2019

The past year proved to be remarkable for cannabis. From milestones at the midterm elections to a growing presence in mainstream media, there is a promising foundation for cannabis coming into the new year.

At COHNNABIS, our team spent the last week thinking about how to propel this momentum into 2019 and beyond. Below our team reflects on major moments from the past year and shares our vision for continuing this epic growth. Enjoy!

Trend Watch

“Organic content is THE cornerstone of search engine visibility.” – Bart Gottula, Senior Digital Strategist

With the current restrictions on paid advertising, cannabis brands will need to strategize better tactics to navigate the online landscape. In such a saturated market, determining audience intent online, creating content to match visitor intent, and outranking the competition organically are just minimums to actually get footing in search results.

Cannabis is mainstream now. Medical cannabis is legal in 33 states and adult-use cannabis is legal in 10 states plus Washington D.C. Eventually, cannabis will reach a critical mass that allows companies like Google to feel comfortable taking cannabis money. When we do see a reversal in advertising restrictions then it will be a challenge of navigating the legal hurdles of the federal government.

Emerging Competition

“We have two of the greatest cannabis minds at our fingertips.” – Lisa Wieting, VP of Strategy + Integration

From Amy Larson’s recognition as one of the top women in Cannabis to Taylor’s weekly podcasts as a thought leader, COHNNABIS has their incomparable expertise at our disposal. As cannabis continues to evolve organizations will look for the best points of authority to better direct their marketing.

Establishing our growing authority as a niche agency among a field of “one-size fits all” marketing firms is going to be essential. How we approach case studies and convey the importance of quality deliverables is going to help us tell a story that few cannabis marketing agencies can.

Winning awards isn’t too bad either. We are proud to announce COHNNABIS won 10 awards (so far) in 2018. These accolades validate the quality of our work, our team, and our clients as the best in the industry. Knowing what we’re currently producing that will be eligible for next year has us confident for even more recognition.

Enhanced Visibility

“We’re looking at a banner year for COHNNABIS.” – CJ Powell, Senior Brand Director

COHNNABIS is operating as one of the top cannabis agency websites in the business and gaining significant authority both online and off. One of the greatest accomplishments this year was getting ranked on the first page of organic search results for COHNNABIS. Traffic to the site has increased 111% in the last six months and 626% from last year. Continuing to build our authority across digital and non-digital channels will be just as important in supplementing our organic growth.

Another way to optimize our visibility is seeing our creative work in the market, both industry and mainstream. We have very exciting client projects launching on the consumer and cultivation side. Plus, we’ll have some exciting COHNNABIS announcements early next year. Stay tuned!

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