Taylor West Featured on “Marijuana Today” Podcast – 6/10/19

Taylor West, Senior Communications Director, talks trending cannabis topics with “Marijuana Today”

In her recent podcast discussion with Dan Goldman of “Marijuana Today,” Taylor West lent her expertise on trending topics surrounding the industry, including the latest legislative moves in Congress and the latest research on driving after consuming cannabis.

In the coming weeks, the U.S. House will vote to approve the SAFE Banking Act, which would allow the cannabis industry to legally introduce their revenue into the banking system. Goldman and West consider how different political alignments may affect the cannabis vote.

“The hard part about our current situation is that not only is the Senate Banking Committee controlled by Republicans, but they are almost all Republicans from states with no true cannabis program. So that means that these banking issues are even less relevant to them than they would be beyond their political preference,” Taylor said, regarding the contention over the SAFE Banking Act.

Taylor also weighed in on the scientific evidence regarding issues around driving after the use of cannabis, articulating external factors that may be affecting the forward motion of this debate.

We encourage you to listen to Taylor’s feature to learn more! Check out the link below with the full podcast. Featuring weekly podcasts, “Marijuana Today” providers listeners with trending topics surrounding the business and politics of cannabis.

LISTEN: Marijuana Today Episode 255: “Making Marijuana Banking SAFE