Taylor West Featured on “The Green Rush” Podcast

COHNNABIS Leader interviewed as premiere guest on MJToday Media podcast

Curious about cannabis in 2019? With the new year comes new consumers, conversations, and policies as cannabis continues to evolve into a thriving U.S. industry.

That’s why business podcast “The Green Rush” chatted up industry rockstar and COHNNABIS Senior Communications Director, Taylor West, for insight into the future.

In the first episode of the year, hosts Lewis Goldberg and Anne Donohoe brought on Taylor to discuss her deep roots in drug policy reform, history with NCIA, and best practices for businesses operating in 2019.

With five years under her belt, Taylor is a veteran to the cannabis space and has been at the front lines of legalization.

Her history in politics shaped industry standards, but Taylor explains her shift to marketing as an interest in the ideological side of cannabis and the regulatory impact on business.

“A lot of the marketing and advertising regulations go down to the local level.” remarks Taylor. “It is critical you start with a really strong brand and then get your message out there in all the ways you have access to, even if they don’t match up with what other industries are doing.”

As always, Taylor breaks down complex cannabis topics into digestible bites of information. You will feel like a smart cannabis cookie after listening. Enjoy!