Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley, a topical cannabis startup based in Eureka, California, needed to promote their current line of products on social media as well as tell their unique company story all within the legal limits of the cannabis industry. Papa & Barkley also wanted to grow their social following and gain brand awareness.

The Papa & Barkley story is not your average cannabis story. The company started when its founder sought a chronic pain solution for his father. This personal, touching connection to cannabis inspired COHNNABIS to tell its story in a way that differentiated the company from other topical cannabis products and brands. COHNNABIS worked side-by-side with the Papa & Barkley team to obtain and create images and content that communicated the heart of the company.

Each channel, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, saw and continues to see major growth across all KPIs. Papa & Barkley’s social channels are cohesive, on-brand, and articulate their story.

Timeframe (Nov. 2016–Jan. 2017)

381% Percentage of Follower increase
32,350 Number of Organic Impressions
1,407% increased number of Engagements (likes, Retweets, etc.)

199% Percentage of Fan increase
4,695% increased Number 
of Engagements
5,035 Total number 
of Engagements

4% Fan increase
21,276 Number of Organic Impressions
4% Average Engagement Rate