May 12, 2017

Seed & Smith enters the market as premium crafted cannabis

Meet the brand that is redefining excellence

In the 1980s, the idea of microbrewing beer—producing smaller, high-quality batches—hit the United States. Within a decade, this ethos had transformed the way people enjoy beer. It placed the emphasis on small-volume, high-character products, and Americans responded. The microbrewers filled a void no one knew existed.


It’s time to do for cannabis what microbrewing did for beer.

Colorado-based Seed & Smith began its journey with an ambitious vision: trigger a renaissance of small batch, premium crafted, high quality cannabis. Focusing on exceptional cannabis products and a true passion for craft, Seed & Smith’s mission is to change public perception of cannabis and establish a new premium space in the market for cannabis growers who refuse to compromise on quality.

As Seed & Smith launched its state-of-the-art facility and started producing its flower, the company needed a cannabis marketing agency that could articulate this concept of uncompromising quality in its brand.



Perfecting the craft. Redefining the experience.

Seed & Smith engaged COHNNABIS to undergo brand discovery and develop its brand story, product packaging and website.



The COHNNABIS team understands that today’s cannabis consumer is sophisticated; they can tell the difference between a top-quality, small-batch product and mass-produced mediocre cannabis. From the beginning, we recognized Seed & Smith’s unique commitment to quality—trust us, nobody is growing cannabis like this—and we challenged the company to embrace the upscale, top-shelf aesthetic in its brand expression. The final product is beautiful.



The Seed & Smith brand evokes mindfulness. The packaging personifies the quality of its contents. And the website summons a sense of modernity.

We’re very proud of what Seed & Smith is doing for cannabis, and we love the way the brand, packaging and website lives up to the Seed & Smith standard for quality.

Denver Headquarters
2434 W. Caithness Pl. - Unit A

Denver, CO 80211