Welcome to COHNNABIS

Born from a respected
brand and marketing agency.

Welcome to COHNNABIS

Established to help your
cannabis company achieve
breakthrough goals.

Welcome to COHNNABIS

Destined to bring
marketing excellence to
the cannabis industry.

We take cannabis seriously.

COHNNABIS is the cannabis marketing agency within an agency of COHN, one of Denver’s top 10 marketing, PR and digital agencies. We are not a fledgling start-up with a few people and freelancers. COHNNABIS is a dedicated division drawing from more than 17 years of creativity and strategic results garnered in a variety of industries – from retail and real estate to consumer packaged goods to B2B and professional services.

Integrated Services

Integrated cannabis marketing means we’re your one-stop partner for marketing, digital and PR services. COHNNABIS is a full-service cannabis marketing agency, drawing on the depth of more than 30 members of the COHN team; experts in retail, real estate, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and B2B marketing combine their talents and experience with our cannabis-industry specialists.


Get your story straight. Our brand identity process defines your brand’s DNA—what makes you distinct—so your customers know why they should care.


Be in the right place, at the right time. Our digital marketing team has a singular focus—make sure your brand converges with customers online—and we know how to navigate industry regulations to ensure top digital visibility.

Marketing & PR

Maximize your marketing. Our integrated marketing and PR team works to keep all your marketing efforts, including PR, aligned and focused. Don’t fall for the freelancer fallacy; momentum comes from integration.


Since Colorado voted to legalize adult use cannabis in 2012, COHNNABIS has been supporting the brand, marketing and PR needs of dispensaries, products, venture capital backed start-ups, and allied companies that sell to the industry. Our clients are both local and national, and are on the leading edge of innovation in the cannabis industry.

How can we help your cannabis company and build your brand?

The Team

When you hire COHNNABIS to be your cannabis agency partner, you get our COHNNABIS industry specialists who know the cannabis space, coupled with the expertise of our entire agency. From savvy creative and design professionals to digital/online marketing experts to public relations consultants to marketing strategists. That combination leads to a powerful team of people, all ready to help you achieve your business goals.

Let’s work together

Whether you’re an established brand looking to expand market share or a rising player looking to overtake the competition, COHNNABIS is the premier cannabis marketing agency to help you grow your business.

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Denver Headquarters

2434 W. Caithness Pl. - Unit A
Denver, CO
Denver Headquarters
2434 W. Caithness Pl. - Unit A

Denver, CO 80211